Yes…commitment is compulsory

by mylongdalliance

It has been almost 12 months since my last post, having been caught up in the belly of it all.  Study, family, moving, travel, tantrums (usually mine), love, loss, and forgiveness (also usually mine), along with other life happenings that every one of you would relate to.  I must be honest, when I signed up for this blog, one of the first things I noticed when scrolling through other emerging, established and praise worthy writers blog’s was the incredible amount of “sorry I haven’t written in so long” posts, smothered with excuses all similar to mine.  Life.  It just get’s you sometimes right?  Pulls you into a hot/cold habit of comfortability: even when it feels icky.  Like I said…the belly of it!  So, I won’t apologise for my hiatus, however, I will apologise for my lack of commitment!

Commitment is one of those funny words that either makes you squirm, or it makes you believe in a possible dream.  A chameleon of sorts.  It’s also a word I love to hate and hate to love.

“He is such a commitment phobic”

“I am so committed to finishing this story”

“Sorry I can’t make it…too many commitments”

See what I mean?  But when referring to my writing, I need to get a little more stringent with the level of commitment I give to it.  So, moving forward, I aim to write more, live more so I can write more, and then write some more again.  I’m back! And a big THANK YOU for sticking around x