by mylongdalliance

He had forgotten how she broke and how easily she fell from grace. Her sensitivity magnified under her inability to cope. She now bore cracks buffed over with a longing to forget. Her light had been dimmed to a foggy dull glow, only a small glimpse left of the bright spark he once adored. He had forgotten how she crumbled when he threw his weight at her heart. How his disregard pushed her under a wave of mistrust, a whitewash of despair and emptiness.

When he saw her again, he noticed a slight tremble in her hands. Her smile no longer lit up the room, only penetrating the corners of her quivering mouth. She tried to speak but her words became muddled and fell all around him in a stupor. She seemed smaller, as her shoulders sat lower on her frame and her presence felt hollow, but harrowing.

It was only then that he remembered what had happened. He had chosen to forget, a temporary convenience. But now as he watched her still breaking, he began to feel the crumble, the once hidden cracks had now reappeared and her eyes looked like empty oceans, distant from him. How could he forget?