A Writer in Residence

by mylongdalliance



Last year I was successful with an application to spend 1 month at the beautiful Can Serrat Artist Residency in El Bruc, Spain.  Situated at the base of the sacred mountain of Montserrat, 1 hour north of Barcelona, it offered me an opportunity to throw myself amongst the unique beauty of the Catalonia landscapes and to spend time with other artists from around the world, from all different disciplines.

This would be my first time in Europe, so the news of my acceptance was very exciting. However, since I had began writing my novel, which takes place in Paris during the 1920s’ Surrealism era, I felt that it was imperative that I spend as much time during my 5 week adventure surrounding myself with the fables of the Parisian streets.

Thankfully Karine, the lovely Residency Coordinator agreed to let me stay at the residency for only 1 week instead of the month.  I understood that this was not the ideal span of time in order to achieve everything you may hope to from the solitude of a residency, but I felt it was the right decision.

Can Serrat exceeded my expectations.  The support given to the residents there is incredible.  I was given the encouragement, time and freedom to focus on my writing and offered a setting one could only imagine.  The residency, originally a large rustic farmhouse surrounded by vineyards, was founded many years ago by a group of Norwegian artists, with the sole purpose to give artists and writers an opportunity to escape from the demands of daily life and focus on their craft.

El Bruc is a quaint little town with a backdrop that inspired painters like Salvador Dali.  Each evening the bright pink skies throw the most magnificent shadows on the mountain behind.  It truly is incredible.

I am so very grateful for the opportunity I was given and hope to return for an extended stay at some stage. Thank you Can Serrat!