Love is a Battlefield

by mylongdalliance

You are a marvel to me, and although I find your words sitting at the back of my tongue, fermenting, trying hard to fly back at you, I cannot help but adore you.

Even when our odds plummet and rock bottom seems too far to come back from amongst the rage, I have no doubt that I love you most of all.

Although we run our course and throw our hands to the sky in depleted breaths, we get back in the ring for another attempt at victory.

Because we both know that in this world there are two things worth fighting for…Freedom and love

And I would take up arms in order to protect and nurture every kiss, every whisper, every touch and every embrace that we have shared.  I would sacrifice pride and ego to write love letters to you in your old age, and shield you from harm when you are hit with the blows of life.

So always know that I am on your side and if you feel like resting for a little, I will cover the forte, because I have not a doubt in my mind that our love is worth fighting for.