One day I will take you with me

by mylongdalliance

I was searching everywhere for you, for you had been missing my entire life.

When I found you I saw a familiarity that beckoned me over to where you sat. As I approached I smiled at you and you smiled back. You were busy with others, and I felt rude when I interrupted them to ask if it was ok that we talk. They hesitated at first, suspicious of my motives, but soon accepted. I offered you my hand and you kissed it. You then looked up at me, eyes filled with torment and exhaustion. I sat quietly next to you while your friends ignored us, too involved in gossip to care. I whispered in your ear sweet words that only you could understand, and your spirits lifted. You rested your head on my shoulder before extinguishing a sigh.

When I stood to leave, you begged me not to. I had not meant to cause you more anguish, but I knew in my heart that the time just was not right. As much as I loved you in that small moment, I knew that there was somebody else that could give you more. We said goodbye and you followed my steps with your eyes until I could be seen no more. As I walked away I dropped a tear and my mouth felt dry.

I leave a little part of my heart with every pound puppy that I visit.