Swimming in music

by mylongdalliance


My floorboards bear scratches from complacent culprits and lay laced with a dust so fine it is almost forgivable.  These are desktop ponderings of a writer picking up the speed required to fulfill a satisfactory count of words for the day. Today is Tuesday and the hours it consists of will nurture my imagination, my search for the perfect prose and my persistent formidable, yet beautiful daydreams.

I spend the early hours of the autumn morning wrestling with the first chill of the year and consuming my large cup of heaven, which accelerates the process. Ah, for the love of coffee. Then I begin.

Many writers need silence in order to create and will lock themselves up in noiselessness so the words have space to swim amongst them. Others prefer to write in a café, where the bustle and commotion add inspiration to the tumult that the writer spills. I sit somewhere in between. I have found a formula that works for me. I cannot surround myself with the English language when I write and I find complete silence challenging. My savior… Sigur Rós.

An Icelandic music group that often sings in a dialog they developed called Vonlenska, translated in English as Hopelandic. Hopelandic focuses on the sound of language. It consists of emotive elements without the conceptual content of language, lacking grammar, meaning and distinct words.  Their music makes my words swim.  It encourages me to write without interrupting my pursuit for the words I seek.

I am interested to know how other writers conduct their writing space? Do you need complete silence or the flutter of a sound to help build momentum?