The Muse

by mylongdalliance


I have an overwhelming fascination with the connection between an artist and his muse. I am currently writing my first novel which follows the spirited and stormy relationship that inspires and supports the artist to create. I believe the muse plays such a valuable role in the process that is often overlooked and my goal is to give her a voice.

The role of the muse is so important, and without it, there would be an empty space. Ponder over your favourite love song, which was inspired by the musicians love….or love lost. Or the portraits of legendary artists like Francis Bacon and the Surreal landscapes of Salvador Dali, who often featured their muse within their strokes. The world would be very beige without those that inspired it to look and sound as it does today.

Pictured above is the beautiful Nusch Eluard. The darling of the Surrealist movement that took place in Paris in the 1920’s-1930’s. She sat for several artists, including Pablo Picasso, inspired many of her husband Paul Eluards’ poetry and was photographed numerously by Man Ray. Tragically she died young at the age of 40, collapsing in the street after a massive stroke. The Parisian art community mourned deeply for her.

The life of the muse is often tragic, spirited and beautiful . I hope that my words will do them justice x