Paris on a whim

by mylongdalliance


Paris and its goose grey skies is all that they said it would be, and a whole lot more. Just like one of the overwhelmingly delectable desserts you find in the boulangeries, it is dripping in a delight so tasty that you can not help but go back for seconds.  In November, I flew to the City of Lights on a slight whim. I say slight, because although I only purchased my ticket 2 months before I left, it had been manifesting in my bones for a long time already. Of course, the benefits this 5 week adventure would do for my writing far outweighed the hole in my muffler that still needed repairing, the fact that I actually had a bank balance less than 3 figures deep and the thought of travelling to Europe alone for the first time in my life. And I did it. Well, I did not end up alone, but I went!

I was already a firm believer that you are actually capable of doing ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING if you want it badly enough. The fire in your belly has to sizzle with determination and self doubt has no place in your world.  Now that belief has an even brighter shine to it.

Paris not only helped me to discover the cultural perspective that I needed for my novel, but the diversity and endless possibilities that sit in its basin of romantic alleyways and terraced balconies gave me a timeless insight into a history that was impossible to grasp from my young city in Australia. Paris and all of its charm is a city that does not need to scream to be heard, instead it will continue to whisper seductively to you long after you leave. It will torment you until you return, which for me….will be very soon.