My fingertips have wings

by mylongdalliance

Each morning, before the world gets busy, I walk down to the headland situated at the end of my street. I often silently thank whoever organised the three large rocks that sit 5 meters apart. The cold surface seems to patiently wait for a body to come and bring it warmth. I prefer the one placed under the Pandanus Palm best, offering me shelter from the first rays of the day. Looking out at the bed of blue before me I breath in the salt air like happy gas.

This small amount of time that I allocate each day is where I find the clarity and focus that I need to write. I plot plots, I discover minor details about my characters that my study desk was keeping from me, and I visualise the cover of my first Novel. I dream of things in my life that could happen, should happen or didn’t happen…and build scenarios for each. It is this time that fuels my writing. It is here that I feel my fingertips have wings that will take me around the world, onto foreign bookshelves and into the thoughts of strangers.