So, I decided to change my life

by mylongdalliance

18 months ago I decided to change my life.  I could tell you about all of the incidents leading up to this moment that influenced the change, but the bottom line is this. I made a decision and decided to follow it through.  Something that was a tad foreign to me before the change.  My decision was simple in theory really.  I chose to live the rest of my life doing only what I am passionate about.  This gave me an option of three things.  Writing, which had been a hobby of mine since I was 8 years old and could construct sentences together, baking (another love from my childhood), and travel.

At the time I was working in a travel agency and waking most mornings, crying (yes, I would actually physically cry!) at the thought of spending another beige day with demanding clients and equally miserable co-workers.  Surely it had to be better than this!

Luckily for me, around this time, the connection with my best friend of many years developed into something more.  We just ‘got’ each other.   I guess we were drawn by our mutual quest to live life large and passionately.  With him being a very talented artist, we were two people with a strong bond on the path to pursuing our dreams and our encouragement for one another seemed to accelerate the process at hand.

Firstly, I knew that I would need to replace my income.  I also knew that I wanted to be, above anything else, a writer.  In order to make a career as a serious writer, I needed to know what I was doing.  So I established that I would also need to get my degree.

I decided to master the art of the macaron and sell them to cafe’s.  There was nobody else doing this in my local city.  So with confidence, I had replaced my income within 6 weeks, enrolled in a 3 year degree in arts and began my plans to travel in the semester break 9 months later.  That is how fast it all happened.  I am now mid way through my degree, majoring in Creative Writing & Literature and have finally found the confidence to share my experiences and future quest to becoming an author.

Never before have I felt so determined!

So now I have introduced myself, I would like to thank you for taking part in my journey!